SNOW D18: Japanese Emotional Expression Dictionary

SNOW D18: Japanese Emotional Expressions Dictionary is a collection of Japanese emotional expressions. Existing Japanese emotional expressions in Natural Language Processing mainly use Positive and Negative judgments. However, emotions are considered to be expressed along various axes. Therefore, we created a Japanese emotion expression dictionary in which 48 emotions were assigned independently by three evaluators to approximately 2,000 expressions. This results from the Natural Language Processing Laboratory at the Nagaoka University of Technology.

SNOW D18:日本語感情表現辞書は、日本語の感情表現を集めた辞書データです。既存の日本語感情表現では、Positive・Negative判定がメインです。しかし、感情は多様な軸で表現されると考えられます。そこで、約2000表現に対して評価者3人が独立して48感情を付与した日本語感情表現辞書を作成しました。こちらは、長岡技術科学大学自然言語処理研究室での成果です。